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A Program Born in Sadness

This horrific taking of lives mobilized the community to action. From this concern a S.A.F.E. (Stop Automotive Fatalities Everywhere) committee was formed and the ROAD WATCH program of Awareness, Education and Enforcement of road safety was developed.

Initially there was a process available at the local police station for participants to report aggressive drivers, but it needed to be reinforced and marketed more effectively. It was agreed to give a name to the process, thereby encouraging citizens involvement and raising public awareness about the reporting system. More local ownership from the citizens would improve the reporting and it would become more widespread. So on January 18, 1995 ROAD WATCH was launched.

The ROAD WATCH program was advertised by the use of road signs, static window stickers and letterhead and information brochures. The logo was also put on all of the Town of Caledon Public Work vehicles and police cruisers. Some communities have the logo on all of their municipal vehicles, including fire trucks. This shows support and participation of the program and keeps it in the public eye.

The ROAD WATCH sign is a warning to drivers on our roads that local citizens will not tolerate aggressive driving. The strength in this program lies with citizen involvement, as driver habits and attitudes cannot be altered by traffic enforcement officers alone.

When successful, we will celebrate having made our roads safer for all. ROAD WATCH is successful when drivers take care to make responsible decisions behind the wheel and the community's stance on road safety is widely known and respected.
Drivers - must always stop for the bus! 9/15/2008
Did you know that you must stop for a school bus that has its lights flashing both ways? Whether on a city street, highway or country road, regardless of the speed limit and the number of lanes, motorists traveling in both directions must stop when approaching a stopped school bus with its upper red lights flashing. A flashing stop arm will swing out while passengers are boarding or leaving the bus. (the only exception: on highways separated by a median, traffic coming from the other direction is not required to stop) Once all passengers have boarded, the STOP arm will fold away. Do not start moving until the red lights have stopped flashing and the bus begins to move. Penalties for not stopping First Offence: $400 to $2000 and 6 demerit points Subsequent Offences: $1000 - $4000 and 6 demerit points Possibility of jail time up to 6 months.
ROAD WATCH Conference Cancelled 5/15/2010
The Conference scheduled for May 26th, 2010 in Whitby has been cancelled. Registration fees will be fully refunded for anyone that has registered.

After a 3 month grace period Ontario's new hands-free law (Countering Distracted Driving and Promoting Green Transportation Act, 2009) has me into effect and the police now have the discretion to ticket offenders by way of offence notices on the side of the road. What may I use while driving? Hand-held communications and entertainment devices are not banned as long as they are used in hands free mode. What is the fine? For drivers charged by way of an offence notice the fine is $155.00 Fines for drivers who are summoned to court and are found guilty may face a fine up to $500.00 Can I use my hand-held cell phone to call for help in an emergency? Yes. Drivers may place emergency calls to the police, fire department and emergency medical services but should pull off the road, if possible, before making an emergency call. What if you are at a red light? Drivers are not permitted to use their hand-held cell phone or other device while stopped at a red light or while stopped in traffic.

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