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Did you know archive.

Drivers - must always stop for the bus! 9/15/2008
Did you know that you must stop for a school bus that has its lights flashing both ways? Whether on a city street, highway or country road, regardless of the speed limit and the number of lanes, motorists traveling in both directions must stop when approaching a stopped school bus with its upper red lights flashing. A flashing stop arm will swing out while passengers are boarding or leaving the bus. (the only exception: on highways separated by a median, traffic coming from the other direction is not required to stop) Once all passengers have boarded, the STOP arm will fold away. Do not start moving until the red lights have stopped flashing and the bus begins to move. Penalties for not stopping First Offence: $400 to $2000 and 6 demerit points Subsequent Offences: $1000 - $4000 and 6 demerit points Possibility of jail time up to 6 months.
Deer Population 10/15/2007
Today’s large deer populations pose a year-round hazard. However, deer collisions peek in October and November, which is mating season and migration to winter yarding areas. Should you spot an animal beside the road, slow down until you have safely passed. Expect more animals to follow. Animals near the roadside may bolt suddenly, so approach with caution. If an animal is in your path, check your mirrors and look for any oncoming traffic, brake firmly but do not swerve to avoid it. Sound your horn in a series of short bursts to frighten it away.
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